Christmas Island Domain Administration Limited (cxDA) was established:

a. to be the administrator of, and the Australian self regulatory policy body for the .cx ccTLD and its associated lower level Domains;
b. to maintain and promote the operational stability and utility of the .cx ccTLD and more generally, the Internet's unique identifier system, and to enhance the benefits of the Internet to the Christmas Island community;
c. to ensure a cost effective administration of the .cx ccTLD and its sub-domains;
d. to establish a policy framework for the development and administration of the .cx ccTLD including:
        i. rules governing acceptable use of the cx ccTLD;
        ii. rules governing the accreditation of registrars and registry operators;
        iii. rules governing the registration of names;
        iv. ensuring that registrars have equal access to registry services.
e. to exercise oversight of the operation of critical technical functions including:
        i. the primary and secondary .cx name servers;
        ii. zone files for second level domains; and
        iii. a searchable data base containing information on registrations within the .cx ccTLD.
f. to liaise with national and international bodies on issues relating to the development and administration of the domain name system;
g. to establish appropriate complaints handling and dispute resolution processes to provide for conciliation or redress of grievances on matters associated with the administration and use of the .cx ccTLD.

.cx ccTLD Policy

cxDA Policy allows for suspension or "take downs" when there is a violation of the cx TLD AUP or the Registrant Agreement.

Privacy (Use and Disclosure) Policy

cxDA does not handle secret or confidential information. Data in various forms is provided to cxDA or the cxTLD registry operator on a voluntary basis, cxDA generally makes this information available to the public.

cxDA may, at its sole discretion, anonymize, aggregate, delete, or restrict access to portions of the data, but does not represent that it will do so in any particular case.

Nothing in the cxDA Use and Disclosure policy requires cxDA to disclose any personal information; cxDA is always entitled not to disclose personal information in the absence of a legal requirement to disclose it.

If cxDA holds personal information about a Registrant and the Registrant is able to establish that the information is not true, accurate, complete and up-to-date, cxDA shall take reasonable steps to facilitate corrections to the information except where the data is contained in an historical record or archive.

CX ccTLD Life Cycle ( Updated March 5th 2016 )

  • Registration Grace Period - 5 Days ( 100% refund )
  • Registration Extended Grace - Day 2 to Day 14 ( 80% Refund )
  • Day 14+ ( no refund )
  • On Expiry
    • Day 1 - No change to Status
      Day 2 - Day 30, Status changed to "Suspended" ( removed from zone, can be renewed without restore, renewal automatically activates the domain.
      Day 31 - Day 58 Status changed to Pending Delete (restore possible).
      Day 59 - Day 64 Status changed from Pending Delete to Pending Purge (only registry restore possible).
      Expiry +65 Days, domain deleted and available for registration.
  • No Transfer Fee.

cxDA uses the CoCCA Complaint Resolution Service (CRS)

The CRS provides а single framework in which cyber‐crime, accessibly of prohibited Internet content and abuse of intellectual property rights are addressed in a transparent, efficient and cost effective way for the public, law enforcement, regulatory bodies, and intellectual property owners.

The framework relies on three tiers of review: immediate action by cxDA if required to protect the public interest, informal mediation by an Ombudsman, and if necessary adjudication by an Expert.

Any party who believes a domain name registrant ("Registrant") has violated the Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) of a ccTLD that has chosen to utilise the CoCCA CRS must provide certain documentation in order for CoCCA and the ccTLD manager to investigate and evaluate the claim or complaint.

In order to initiate an AUP enforcement procedure, the party who wishes to notify CoCCA about a potential AUP violation (the "Complainant") must completely and thoroughly fill out the AUP Complaint Form and email it to support@coccaregistry.org.

Complainants should thoroughly review the Form and strictly follow the directions regarding both the information that must be provided and transmitting the Form to CoCCA.

CoCCA will only evaluate claims under the policies set out for the CoCCA CRS if the Complainant signs and provides all the required information in the Form.

Complainants should be aware that CoCCA will forward a copy of the Form to the Registrant and post the Form online. CoCCA may, at its discretion and when requested by the Complainant, obfuscate certain details on the publicly posted copy.

AUP Complaint Form
Lodging a complaint is free.
Amicable Complaint Resolution is free.

The applicable fees in respect of the referral of proceedings under the CRS to an Expert are US$ 2,500.

The CoCCA CRS is an alternative to litigation for resolution of complaints between the registrant of a domain name and a complainant who alleges a registrant is in violation of a CoCCA Member’s AUP.

Amicable Complaint Resolution by the Ombudsman

If amicable complaint resolution (mediation) fails, the Complainant can request the Ombudsman send the matter to an expert who will arbitrate the resolution of the complaint. A Decision will be communicated to the parties, the ccTLD Administrative Contact and CoCCA. All Decisions will be published in full on the CoCCA website https://cocca.org.nz

If the Parties do not achieve an acceptable resolution through amicable complaint resolution within 10 Days, and if the Complainant requests it, the Ombudsman will send notice to the Parties that an Expert will be appointed when the Complainant has paid applicable fees.

If the Ombudsman does not receive the Complainant's request to refer the matter to an Expert within 10 Days of the Complainant's receipt of the notice, the Complaint will be deemed to have been withdrawn. This will not prevent the Complainant submitting a different Complaint.

Adjudication by an Expert

On receipt of the applicable fees from the Complainant, CoCCA will appoint an Expert. The Expert will decide a Complaint on the basis of the Parties' submissions, the AUP Policy and this Procedure.

If the Expert makes a Decision that a Domain Name registration should be cancelled, suspended, transferred or otherwise amended, CoCCA will implement that Decision by causing the necessary changes to be made to the Register one week after the date that the parties were notified, unless, during the 7 days following the date that the parties were notified the registrant has commenced legal proceedings.

Registering Domains

cxDA exercises oversight of the .cx country code Top Level Domain (cx ccTLD), it is not possible to register, or manage already registered domains, via cxDA. If you want to register a domain that ends in ".cx" you must do so via a registrar or reseller.

Becoming a Registrar

Any legal entity can apply to cxDA to become an authorised .cx Registrar. The technical and commercial requirements are modest. Registrars may manage objects using the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) or the Registry Portal. All registrations or renewals require payment in advance, payment can be made online.

The Agreements follow below:

Registrar Authorisation | Updated 2016-05-15
Connection Agreement | Updated 2016-05-15

Registry Fees

cxDA requires the registry operator to give all Registrars the same access to registry services. A fixed fee is paid to cxDA but wholesale fees may differ based on the size of the Registrar's portfolio and the value of registry tokens purchased in advance. The Registrars that actively promote the .cx TLD are rewarded with volume discounts.

The wholesale transaction fees are not set by cxDA, they are set by the back-end registry services provider CoCCA Registry Services (NZ) Limited The wholesale registry transaction fee schedule as of March 17, 2016 is bellow.

Domains in Portfolio Registrations Renewals
1-100 $75 $50
101-500 $63 $42
501-1,000 $51 $34
1,001-5,000 $36 $24
5,001-50,000 $5 $5
50,001-100,000 $4 $4
100,001- infinity $2.50 $2.50

From May 1, 2016 AUD $1.75 from each new registration and renewal will be paid by CoCCA in to the "cxTLD Digital Dividend Fund". The fund, which is administered by cxDA, will be used to underwrite the Territories 4G LTE system and other internet related projects.

Christmas Island Domain Administration Limited

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ABN 38 091 843 417 | ACN 091 843 417
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