Christmas Island Domain Administration (cxDA) was established in 2000 for the following purposes:

  • to be the administrator of the .cx ccTLD;
  • to maintain and promote the operational stability and utility of the .cx ccTLD and more generally, the Internet's unique identifier system, and to enhance the benefits of the Internet to the Christmas Island community;
  • to ensure the cost-effective administration of the .cx ccTLD;
  • to administer the .cx ccTLD including:
    • i. rules governing acceptable use of the cx ccTLD;
    • ii. rules governing the accreditation of registrars and registry operator;
    • iii. rules governing the registration of names;
    • iv. rules ensuring that registrars have equal access to registry services.
  • to exercise oversight of the operation of critical technical functions including:
    • i. the primary and secondary .cx name servers;
    • ii. a searchable database containing current and historical information on registrations within the.cx ccTLD.
  • to liaise with national and international bodies on issues relating to the development and administration of the domain name system.
  • to establish appropriate complaints handling and dispute resolution processes to provide for conciliation or redress of grievances on matters associated with use of .cx domains or the administration of the .cx ccTLD.

The cx TLD is a small ccTLD - 12,000 domains.

It is not possible to register domains through CXDA, under the "three r model" domains must be registered through a registrar.

The operation of the central registry has been outsourced to CoCCA. CoCCA collects AUD $1.75 from each registration or renewal transaction on behalf of CXDA. This fee is CXDA's sole source of revenue. The modest revenue is sufficient to cover expenses related to legal/auditing, monitoring abuse, and the community email service. cxDA officers are volunteers and receive no compensation.

Download the CXDA-CoCCA Registry Agreement.

cx TLD Policy

Policy for the CX ccTLD has been drafted to:

  • ensure the use of domains ending with the two-letter suffix .cx is consistent with the culture and customs of the Christmas Island community and applicable Australian law and public policy objectives.
  • ensure the application of a "three R" model (registrant, registrar, registry) which facilitates competition and safeguards consumer interests.
  • mitigate abuse of the cxDA namespace.

Download Policy

Any party who believes a domain name registrant has violated a participating TLD manager’s AUP must provide a formal complaint in order for CoCCA to investigate and evaluate the claim or complaint.

Complaint Form

If you have an urgent complaint regarding the distribution of child abuse images please lodge a complaint with both law enforecment and the Internet Watch Foundation. The IWF and/or Law enforement who will confirm the issue and notify CoCCA for possible action.

In cases where CoCCA has a technical or legal capacity, we will act swiftly on an IWF notice without the need for a formal complaint using the CRS above.

To lodge a complaint email crs@coccaregistry.org

Privacy Policy

    cxDA desires to comply with the highest standards of personal data protection. Currently we consider the highest standards to be those established by the European General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR). Consequently, we endeavour to provide the same protections afforded to European citizens to all of our users regardless of origin, rather than adopting the slate of policies of any particular country or region.

    Your personal data may be provided to:

    • escrow service providers, as well as to backup storage providers to ensure business continuity. This information is encrypted.
    • to Law enforcement agencies, and to other government and/or civil authorities similarly authorised by applicable laws and regulations and to courts of appropriate jurisdiction, if so required by law.
    • the complainant, the CoCCA Ombudsman and the arbitrator in the event of a formal complaint.

    We will only retain your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for, including for the purposes of satisfying any legal, accounting, or reporting requirements.

    If we have your data because we are performing services for you or an organisation you represent, then your information will be retained for the duration of the services and for 6 years thereafter, unless otherwise agreed.

    cxDA and CoCCA use cookies where necessary to ensure the convenient and secure operation of registry websites, but for no other purpose. Those cookies are not readable by third parties and contain no personal information.

    cxDA may, at its sole discretion, aggregate, delete, or restrict access to portions of the data we store, but do not represent that CXDA will do so in any particular case.


  • any entity who wishes to manage a portfolio of domains on behalf of end-users (registrants) is eligible to be a registrar.
  • there are no fees to become a registrar and no minimum number of domains that must be managed. However, to reward those who actively promote the cx TLD, wholesale pricing is based on volume. The more domains under management the lower the registry fees.
  • pre-payment for registry transactions is required, formal accreditation agreements are optional.
  • the wholesale registration and renewal fees are set by the registry services provider (CoCCA). The cxDA fee is included in the wholesale registration and renewal price.
  • the retail registration and renewal fees are set by the registrar or reseller.

  • Domains in Portfolio Registration Renewals cxDA Fee
    1-100 USD $75 USD $50 AUD $1.75
    101-500 USD $63 USD $42 AUD $1.75
    501-1,000 USD $51 USD $34 AUD $1.75
    1,001-5,000 USD $36 USD $24 AUD $1.75
    5,001-50,000 USD $5 USD $5 AUD $1.75
    50,001-100,000 USD $4 USD $4 AUD $1.75
    100,001- infinity USD $2.5 USD $2.5 AUD $1.75

Technical Considerations

  • the back end registry is standards-based and supports EPP.
  • DNSSEC is supported.
  • the DNS uses anycast technology.
  • the registry is GDPR compliant.


cxDA is a not-for-profit membership-based company incorporated in Australia with it's principle place of business on Christmas Island (an external territory of Australia).

Christmas Island Domain Administration Limited
Christmas Island Technology Centre (6RCI)
Nursery Road, Drumsite
Indian Ocean WA 6798
Christmas Island